Olinto Signature Flats – 4-String Set

From the La Bella Olinto team in Brooklyn comes the latest in flat wound string design!

La Bella has been known for decades as the foremost leader in the realm of bass strings. We’re proud to bring you the Olinto Signature Series, the most articulate sounding flat wound bass string made to date!

This set offers the player a unique experience that is sure to satisfy a wide range of playing styles. Featuring a thicker than average gauge with a thinner core that produces a brighter and faster attack, they still deliver that smooth warm thick low end our flats are famous for.

We hope you enjoy this modern approach to a tried and true classic!

Available In:
4-String: .047 .068 .080 .107
5-String: .047 .068 .080 .107 .125
6-String: .030 .047 .068 .080 .107 .125

These are standard long scale sets. The G, D, A and high C strings are 38” from ball-end to silk/taper. The E and B strings are 36 ¾” from ball-end to silk/taper. Only the silk portion of the string should wrap around the tuning post.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Additional information

Weight9 oz
Dimensions10 × 6 × 1 in
Bass Strings

4 String, 5 String, 6 String