Why do you want to join THIS club?

Members get access to super limited edition handcrafted bass and guitar strings made by our string artisans in our New York factory. These strings are not available in our regular product catalog, and you certainly won’t find anything like ’em on our competitors’ sites. We scour our 100+ year old manuals to bring back vintage constructions, in addition to using newly developed string making techniques to help you discover new possibilities in tone!

What other cool stuff do I get access to?As a member of the La Bella Roadie club, you also have the chance to buy limited edition merch only available to members. We refresh our merch catalog every few weeks, so keep comin’ back to see what’s new.We also offer discounts on vintage and high-end gear from our own inventory of instruments and accessories, and access to pre-sales of La Bella prototypes that are coming to market.

Are you going to email me every week with super annoying “promos” that really aren’t that special?
No algos here. We’ll notify you only when we’ve gotten something special cookin’.

P.S. It’s FREE.